Home & Roost are proud to present The 5ft Chartwell Single Luxury Rabbit Hutch. It’s a spacious, deluxe hutch which is ideally suited to one rabbit or two Guinea Pigs. Manufactured in the UK the use of 14mm Scandinavian timber, the Chartwell Single Hutch features a cosy arched divided bedding area, a central wire panel to hang a water bottle and a removable kick-board for easy cleaning and protected petting. The integral legs lift the hutch off the ground to prevent rising damp and ensure adequate air circulation. The Chartwell Single 5ft Hutch has been weather proofed with animal protected, water based wood preservative to give protection to against deterioration from rain and sun.

?? BRITSH MANUFACTURING: We’re a proud member of the Made In Britain Campaign and are the only supplier of Rabbit Hutches and pet cages that manufacture’s in Britain. Based in Kent, a family run business that has been operating in the pet industry for the 40 years. We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products for you and your pets.
? GIVE YOUR PETS THE GIFT OF SPACE: Unlike other lesser Rabbit Hutches in the marketplace, our rabbit cage gives your pets at least 2ft of headroom and 2ft of floor depth. The amount of space that your pets have is imperative to their happiness.
? KEEP PREDATORS OUT: Our 5ft Chartwell Single Guinea Pig Hutch is the only hutch in the marketplace fitted with fox proof wire. We know how important your pets are and it’s only right that we provide the opportunity to keep them not only happy in their new home but protected from Fox’s and other garden predators.
?️ CLEANING IS SIMPLE: One of the simplest ways to prolong the life of your new large rabbit hutch and keep your pets protected from illness and diseases is to ensure their home is often cleaned. With our large hutches, nothing could be simpler, just open the doors and remove the cleaning bar from the top level and sweep the waste into a container or bin.
❤️ PEACE OF MIND: We guarantee you and your pets will love your new home, but because we’re a family run business and manufacture ourselves in the UK any problems or issues you could have been covered under our guarantee and can easily be sorted out. We wish you to have complete confidence in our product that’s why we stop at nothing to ensure both you and your pets couldn’t be happier with your new hutch.


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