Size Name:120cm / 460L Basic Kit | Colour Name:Black

460 Litre Ultra Clear Glass Marine Fish Tank
Includes: 120cm 340L Marine Aquarium, 120L Sump & Matching Cabinet

The All Pond Solutions ultra-clear glass marine fish tanks, made with 12mm low iron glass, ensures a clear view of your extraordinary marine reef habitat. The sleek rimless and braceless design with clear silicone emphasises the modernity and sophistication of the aquarium. The aquarium features an included overflow box that will skim the surface of your water into the sump as well as pump clean water into the tank, a down-flow regulator pipe that allows for easy tank water draining into the sump for maintenance purposes, and a flow-rate adjuster that ranges from zero-flow to full uninhibited water release.

Each tank comes with a matching black or white matte finish cabinet. The high-quality cabinet has double doors and measures 89cm. in height. The cabinet is ideal for housing the included 80cm sump tank. The sump holds a total of 120 litres of water when completely full and includes a water top up bay that can be used in conjunction with an automatic water top-up device. The fish tank cabinet will arrive to you flat-packed for easy transport and is simple to construct.

Important Tank Delivery Information: Fish tanks will not be dispatched until tank guidelines have been accepted by the buyer and communicated with the supplier. Please check your Amazon account messages for copy of guidelines. Actual tank arrival date may conflict with date stated after purchase.

120cm. 460L Ultra Clear Glass Marine Fish Tank & Sump
Matching black matte cabinet included – 89cm high
12mm low iron glass for optimum visibility
Includes aquarium overflow box, down-flow regulator pipe & a flow-rate adjuster
Cabinet will arrive to you flat-packed for easy transport and simple construction


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