Size Name:500 L/H

Product Description

All Pond Solutions 500L/H External Hang-On Filter with 5w UV

The All Pond Solutions 500L/H Aquarium Hang-on + Filters are suitable for fresh or saltwater aquarium fish tanks up to 115 litres capacity. The built-in UV steriliser fights against algae growth and promotes the cleanest and clearest water for your aquarium plants and livestock.

Filter Operation:

Internal pump draws water from your Fish tank in through the intake tube then exposes it to a UV light bulb for sterilisation. The water continues to flow through multiple stages of filtration and through the waterfall-effect outlet back into the tank.


  • Includes 1x filter floss pad/1x filter foam/1x filter media basket
  • Adjustable water flow intake from filter body and surface skimmer
  • Suitable for up to 15mm tank rim
  • Free 12 months warranty

500-HO+ Product Specifications: Flow rate – 500 L/H UV Wattage – 5w Total Wattage – 12w Voltage – 200 – 240v Suitable aquarium size – 38 – 115L Product Dimensions – 19 x 11 x 16 cm

Box Contains


  • Instruction manual

  • 500L/H External Hang-On Filters
    Built-in 5w UV Steriliser
    Suitable for fresh or salt water aquarium fish tanks
    500-HO+ for aquariums up to 115L
    Waterfall outlets provides more oxygen to fish tank water


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