Size Name:29 Litre | Colour Name:Black

The All Pond Solutions range of tropical / coldwater fish tanks.

These aquariums are quite simple and practical 29 litre nano tanks for shrimp or small fish – ideal for beginners.
Manufactured with a curved glass front edge providing an uninterrupted 180° view of your tank and its inhabitants, this tank offers excellent build quality for an extremely low price.

Complete with an economical 4w LED light, hood filter system and 90° tilting hood the range is perfect for newcomers to fish keeping.

The aquarium may also be set up as a coldwater or tropical tank. For a tropical setup a heater will probably be required (not included).

The fish tank range is To be had in 6 colours – Black, White, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.


  • Curved glass front edge provides an uninterrupted 180° view of your tank and its inhabitants.
  • Eco friendly high performance LED lighting with IP65 rated splash secure on/off switch.
  • Includes tray filter system with filter floss and coarse foam included to supply biological and mechanical filtration.
  • 250L/h pump with venturi air pipe for increased aeration if required.
  • Hood tilts 90° vertical for easy get right of entry to to the aquarium.
  • Feeding flap allows for easy feeding times.
  • For stocking levels we recommend approximately 2cm of fish per 3 litres of tank water.

Lighting: 4w LED
Filtration: 350L/H (2.5w)
Aquarium Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 405mm (L x W x H)
Free 12 Month Warranty
To be had in 6 colours


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