The Aqua One Horizon aquarium is a sleek and brand new fish tank to be able to look great in any home and is very best for tropical fish keeping or as a planted aquarium tank.

Now combined with the ultra-stylish ‘styleline’ cabinets. The cupboard provides ample space for all your storage needs, including maintenance equipment, cleaning tools and dry food.

The LED lighting includes red, green, blue, white and blue colours combined, that not only enhances the vibrancy of your tank and the creatures within it, but additionally provides an energy-saving lighting solution with automatic timer that covers an enormous surface area for very good light penetration. Optimum spectrums for lush plant growth, also allow your aquarium to thrive with dynamic species that create interest and depth in your tank.


Aquarium dimension – 122 x 36 x 45cm (L x W x H)
Cabinet dimensions – 122 x 36 x 78cm (L x W x H)
Volume: 182 Litres
Glass thickness: 6mm
Lighting: 30W LED’s
Filtration: Maxi 104F Internal filter
Heater: 200w

Sleek and brand new fish tank to be able to look great in any home
Slim line LED lighting and internal filter included
Super stylish glass aquarium with matching cabinet & full glass covers
Heater included for tropical fish keeping
Edging to tank matches in with grey profile and feet of cupboards


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