38″ Car Dog Cage

Our design patented folding car dog cage is the only one specially designed for hatchback and estate type cars. The unique sloped design helps the dog cage fit within the boot of your car even as maximising the boot space available.

A standard dog cage that is not designed for a car has several drawbacks for car use including, front opening doors that do not open past the lip of the boot and the rectangular shape can impede the closure of the hatchback and risk cracking or smashing the rear window.


– Lightweight and strong zinc steel cage, we have found that powder coated cages chip and rust easily
– Completely folds flat, for storage and transportation also usable inside the home
– Secure sliding bolt on the door
– Construction allows for proper ventilation and visibility
– Puppies steadily get travel sick and tend to be sick and go to the toilet in your car. Having a car dog cage stops the mess running in all places your boot; the tray can be removed and easy cleaned
– Brand new waterproof removable tray for easy cleaning (Beware of plastic trays dog chew them and metal trays create an awful rattling noise)
– Free anti slip bedding
– If you take a long trip in the summer you’ll be able to open the boot and have the knowledge you dog is safely enclosed inside the cage at the same time as getting some fresh air
– The top of the cage is spring loaded, this is to aid in releasing the dog from inside the car in case of a accident (the whole cage is safely collapsible to get the dog out and over the back seat)

Approximate external dimensions 97cm wide 68cm height 65cm depth at the base

*Please take into account that to check the shown dimensions against your vehicle and pet to ensure they are going to be comfortable*

Please send in pictures of your cage inside your boot space, along side the Make, Model and Year of your car, if we use them in our listings we will be able to refund you £10.00

Specially Designed For Hatchback And Estate Cars, The Cage Slopes To Accompany The Rear Seats
Keep Your Pet Safe And Secure With The Specially Designed Car Cage
Spring Loaded Top To Release The Dog In Case Of An Accident, Folds Flat For Storage
Brand New Waterproof Removable Tray For Easy Cleaning (Beware Of Plastic Trays Dogs Chew Them And Metal Trays Create An Awful Rattling Noise)
For any further information please contact our UK customer helpline on 0191 2966966



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