Colour Name:schwarz mit blauer Unterschale | Size Name:59 x 33 x 69 cm

The Palladio cages, ideal for canaries and other small exotic birds, a refined design with a large panoramic roof that ensures your feathered friends more living space. The construction is solid, consisting of a painted wire mesh with upper frame and four plastic columns in the corners that make it particularly elegant. The upper part is equipped with a useful handle to facilitate transport. Easy to clean, the Palladio 4 cage comes with a bottom with a tray for collecting dirt that can be removed from the outside. The cage is supplied with all the necessary accessories to ensure a comfortable habitat for several birds: two feeders, a drinking bottle, a nipper for vegetables, three extendable perches covered with non-slip rubber and a mirror with a small bell for playing. The special revolving feeders Brava 1, allow to easily feed the birds, can be turned 180° and filled with food from outside, without leaving any opening from which the bird can escape. They are entirely made of transparent plastic so you can easily check the level of feed available. All Palladio cages are sold in save space packaging and are extremely easy to assemble. Choose the model to suit your pet’s size.

Cage for exotic birds and canaries with a refined and elegant design with panoramic roof, supplied in save space packaging, easy to assemble
Made of sturdy painted metal with a rigid plastic base, Plastic profiles in the corners and on the upper frame
Convenient removable tray for dirt collection, easy cleaning and maintenance, equipped with practical handle on the roof and cage access door with safety lock
Complete with external drinking bottle, vegetable nipper, extendable perches and mirror with small bell
Includes two Brava 2 revolving feeders made of transparent plastic: designed to be rotated 180 Degree and filled from the outside, leaving no opening from which the bird can escape


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