The Piano range of birdcages is characterized by a simple and linear design and the solidity of the materials used. Piano 6, suitable to home canaries, small exotic birds or parakeets, is a large habitat with a solid structure in painted wire mesh with plastic frame and bottom. Easy to clean, has a high and capacious bottom to collect dirt and practical pull-out trays. Frontally and laterally, is equipped with small opening doors that facilitate daily operations. The Piano 6 cage is fully equipped: inside you are going to find everything your birds wish to be happy and comfortable. There are some plastic perches, drinking bottles, plastic nippers for food, feeders for pastries and biscuits, bird’s toy with mirror and bell and swings for playing. The habitat is also equipped with modular extendable perches to find new configurations and customize the cage as you like. After all, the special Brava 2 revolving feeders allow birds to be fed easily, may also be turned 180° and filled with food from outdoor, without leaving any opening from which the bird can escape. They’re entirely made of transparent plastic so you’ll be able to easily check the level of feed to be had. Make a choice the model to fit your pet’s size.

Large cage for exotic birds, canaries and budgeridges made of sturdy varnished metal with plastic columns and bottom
Convenient pull-out trays for dirt collection, easy cleaning and maintenance
Equipped with access doors to the cage with safety locking hook, easy to assemble, supplied in save space packaging
Complete with drinking bottles, bird toy, swings, vegetable nippers, traditional perches and flexible modular perch, feeder for mash, feeder for biscuit
Includes four Brava 2 revolving feeders made of transparent plastic: designed to be rotated 180 Degree and filled from the outdoor, leaving no opening from which the bird can escape


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