The KCT Brazil Aviary is a hexagonal wooden aviary, suitable for housing your Budgies, Doves, Love Birds, Quails, Finches or other small sized birds.

The KCT Brazil Aviary gives your pet birds a wide open space for them to enjoy, especially all through the warmer months where they are able to enjoy the outdoors. This provides them with enrichment and helps to keep your pet birds healthy and happy.

The use of strong and durable materials, the KCT Brazil Aviary is supported with a wooden frame construction and a solid roof lined with asphalt, designed to last for years. This provides the Aviary with superior protection against all types of weather. The KCT Brazil could also be lined with strong wire mesh and provides an improbable outside space for your pet birds.

On the front of the KCT Brazil Aviary are 2 protected Get admission to doors measuring 49 x 27cm (HxW), providing you with comfortable Get admission to to the Aviary even as reducing the risk of escapees.

The KCT Brazil Aviary could also be highly suitable for other pets such as cats.

150 x 160cm (WxH) – (Based on outermost extremeties)

120 x 150cm (WxH)

49 x 27cm (HxW)

Mesh Gap

Wooden Bird Aviary Suitable for Small Birds – An Attractive Addition to the Garden
Durable Asphalt Roof for Shade and Weather Protection –
Wire Mesh Panels & 2 Small Easy Get admission to Doors
Comes Flatpacked with Easy to Read Instructions
Also Suitable for Other Small Animals Such as Cats and Chipmunks



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